Why Singapore Education?

 Why Singapore education?

  • Reliable, structured system with teachers who care about student.
  • Provide a good environment for learning both English and Chinese.
  • A system with Asian values and culture – discipline, motivated and hardworking. If they are sent to a good school, it is likely that they will stay within boundaries.
  • Education system that keeps evolving into more holistic and student-centric
  • Co-curricular activity (sports, culture, and societies) is very highly valued.
  • Very good for students who are inclined in math and science.

Why not?

  • Very competitive place with high pressure to perform. Some students might find it stressful.
  • Examination and result centric education.
  • Creativity is not highly encouraged partly because of traditional Asian believes that math, science and engineering are good and the rest is bad.
  • Students will pick up Singlish – a Singaporean English – an accent that is not desirable.


Singapore education is suitable for students who can handle high level of competition. It will train students to be disciplined and hardworking. There is less likelihood for students to be strayed toward alcohol, gangs, and drugs because the school and teachers take these offenses very seriously.

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