Past Events

Singapore Food Hunt 2014

On 20 September, ThaiSoc SG brought everyone to hunt for local foods in Singapore. These include the Chinatown Food Street Oyster Omelette, Chinatown Complex Dim Sum, and Tian Tian Chicken Rice

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ThaiSoc BBQ2014

ThaiSoc organized the stay over BBQ at People Association’s Holiday Flat at Pasir Ris on 23-24 August. We had a great food, great company, with a deceitful night of Avalon!

Samaggi Bowling 2014

Bowling competition and Thai people go together so well like bread and Nutella, so we gathered just for that in March 2014.

Chinese New Year Steamboat 2014

Chinese New Year in Singapore is a quiet time. ThaiSoc organized the potluck for everyone to meet up and ease the loneliness.

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Temple Visit 2013

In November 2013, ThaiSoc SG visits Wat Anandawararam to make merits before final years exam.

Thai Festival 2013

In Thai Festival 2013 organized by the Thai Embassy, ThaiSoc opened a booth for publicity and registration.

Inaugural Thai Student Orientation 2013

Over 70 Thai students from all over Singapore of all groups and came to the orientation to have fun and make new friends. The event also feature Khunchai Phutiphat and his house! 😀