Nature Escape in Singapore

At first sight Singapore might seem like an urban city, but if you look around you’re in for a surprise with parks, reservoirs and nature reserves around.

East Coast Park (ECP)

This is probably the most famous park in Singapore. It lies on the southeastern coast of Singapore and stretches an impressive 15 km from one end to the other. Barbeque pits are situated throughout the park and it is a very popular spot for people to gather for a night of food and fun. There is an amazing bike trail that stretches from ECP up to Changi Park. It is a 15km bike trail that passes through the coast line, in between the trees and even has a section which is parallel to the landing site of Changi Airport! Feeling the wind rush behind your hair as you go down this trail and immersing yourself with nature was not something I had expected to be possible in a city such as Singapore. Besides biking, there are also skate parks for any in-line skaters out there and even a cable-skiing facility is present!

MacRitchie Reservoir Park

This park is situated near Upper Thomson road. I went there after spending 2 years in Singapore and I never expected to see this type of park tucked away in Singapore. Right by the entrance was a huge water body which was the reservoir. It was a beautiful sight and children were running around chasing Frisbees and playing ball. Along the park, I took part in the nature trail that consisted of a wooden path along the lakeside and stretched on as far as the eye could see. Along this trail I even saw monkeys running around! If you’re looking for a peace of mind, this might just do the trick.

Pulau Ubin

This place is situated off the mainland and you can get there by a ferry from Changi Point Ferry near the Changi bus interchange. From there it is about a 10-15min ferry ride to the island. This place would be definitely suited for bike fanatics and nature trail enthusiastic. The moment you arrive there are places for bike rentals at cheap prices to bike around the island and take part in the many mountain biking trials throughout the island. If you’re up for mountain biking be prepared for many uphill climbs! Besides biking there is a nature trail situated on the South Eastern tip of Pulua Ubin and this is made up of 6 ecosystems, a coastal hill forest, a rocky shore, a sandy shore, the mangrove forest, the sea grass in the lagoon and the coral rubble. Each ecosystem is rich in living creatures, birds and plants. After enjoying the island, be sure to drop by the seafood stalls near the port, the seafood there is awesome.


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