Current Student

ThaiSoc Sai Rahat (สายรหัส)

This is the newest initiative of ThaiSocSG to help new Thai students accustom to Singapore Education System. You will have a veteran senior to take care of you and you can ask anything you want!

Nature Escape in Singapore

At first sight Singapore might seem like an urban city, but if you look around you’re in for a surprise with parks, reservoirs and nature reserves around. This page reviews a few places to go for nature lovers

Places to go for authentic Thai food

Miss the taste of home? Don’t fret, Thai food is quite a hype in Singapore. This page tells you where to go for a good Thai food!

Chilling in Singapore

Feeling stressed out? Fret not, you’re not alone! In this issue, THAISOC exclusively introduce you to some of the hippest and hottest cafés in town! These are the perfect places for you to chill, unwind and simply enjoy yourself. Our focus will be on some of the less commercialized (but equally good or Better!) cafés.

Dating in Singapore

Dating can be tricky here in Singapore due to the differences in culture and language. Sometimes, it is difficult to understand and adapt to the lifestyle in Singapore. Today I am going to present to you my theory about the difference between dating in Thailand and in Singapore.