ThaiSoc Newsletter 2016 #1


The year 2015 was a wonderful year for us as a society and we believe that we have achieved all that we wanted to do and more. Our primary aim is to foster friendships among Thai students in Singapore through series of bonding activities. This was mainly achieved through our flagship event – the Annual Thai Soc Orientation Camp. We managed to gather more than 40 participants, spanning from secondary school to graduate students, and organized a full-day event filled with (friendly) laughter and newfound friendships. We continued to organize major activities throughout the year to keep the community tight and also to gradually develop our presence. Without doubts, we have fulfilled our role as a central body that aims to unite the relatively small Thai students’ population in this absolutely small Island.

We also extended our reach towards external organizations while maintaining close relationships with the Thai Association and the Royal Thai Embassy. This was achieved mainly in the form of collaborative community service projects. We are especially proud of the collaboration with Singapore International Foundation’s (SIF) Little by Little project in which we engaged with Singapore’s underprivileged children in a Muay Thai session. Through this event and a number of other community service projects, we learned an important lesson – together, we can be a positive force to the community. Perhaps, there is no better means to bind us together than realizing the fact that collectively we can do something bigger than ourselves.

We ended 2015 strongly with the organization of two big events – the Singapore University Alumni Dinner and our own community service project in Chantaburi. Singapore University Alumni Dinner took place in Bangkok with the main aims of networking our seniors together and introducing our society to another relevant community. It was also organized as a charity dinner in which all proceeds were used to fund our community service trip. For our Chantaburi project, we are afraid that words alone will not do justice to how we affectionately feel about it. As such, we have put a small album on our Facebook page as a way to show gratitude to all lovely seniors for your support.

On this note, we would like to extend our special appreciation towards the Thai Association Singapore, the Royal Thai Embassy, the Singapore Alumni and everyone who contributed to our society. We will be relentless in this year to come and will continue to grow in strength.

Thank you from the team 🙂